• Lash & Brow Services




    Custom created lash fans applied to every 'lashable' lash.

    For the client who prefers a dramatic look.

    2 hours, 30 min. $300


    Multiple super fine lashes applied to a single natural lash.

    This technique is very light on the lashes while creating a fluffy & full look.
    2 hours $250


    Single individual lashes applied to each natural lash.

    Add length and curl for a subtle style.
    2 hours $225


    1.5-3 WEEK FILL

    A custom experience bringing your lashes back to an ideal full set.

    We highly recommend lashes to be cleaned with a foam cleanser prior to your appointment.

    If you are coming from another lash specialist, please contact us at info@beautyandspiritstudios.com

    75-90 min. $125 single, $1,125 series of 10



    A quick "band-aid fix" to apply a couple of eyelashes.

    Only offered to current clients.

    15 min. $25



    If you wish to schedule an eyelash removal,

    please notify us 24 hours or more

    prior to your scheduled appointment.

    30 min. $40



    Achieve beautifully lifted keratin-infused natural lashes that are longer, stronger, and fuller.

    Treatment increases the diameter of each lash by 40%.

    No overprocessing & no harsh chemicals.

    A great alternative to lash extensions.

    Clean lashes are recommended before arriving for the treatment.

    Curl lasts about 6-8 weeks.

    75 min. $110



    Start with the Wax-Free Brow Shaping service, prior to the lesson.

    Then, learn how to achieve your ideal brow style,

    using step-by-step application techniques.

    + Enjoy a rejuvenating eye gel treatment

    while your brows are being tamed.

    Single brow makeup product included.

    45 min. $80



    Tweeze, trim, and gently razor away hairs that are out of place.

    Design & shape the brows, beginning the process of creating your ideal brow.

    Brow makeup fill-in included.

    + Enjoy a rejuvenating eye gel treatment

    while your brows are being tamed.

    30 min. $50 single, $270 series of 6



    Tweeze, trim, and gently razor away hairs that

    are out-of-place without the use of wax.

    15 min. $25



  • Ready for beautiful lashes & brows?

  • Pre & post lash extensions and lash liFts

    Healthy Lashes Are Priority.

    Pre Appointment

    Lash Extensions:

    • Please arrive ten minutes early for your first appointment for new client paperwork & consultation
    • Arrive to your appointment with dry, thoroughly and completely clean lashes (makeup-free eyes)
    • If you use waterproof mascara, avoid using it 2-3 days before your first appointment. The film it leaves on your lashes may prevent the extensions from adhering correctly
    • Remove contact lenses
    • Do not drink coffee prior to your appointment, this is because your eyes flutter and move more when caffeinated. 
      Lashes first, coffee second!
    • If you already have a lash shampoo, please cleanse with it. We have a lash shampoo we love, available for purchase!

    Keratin Lash Infusion:

    • Arrive to your appointment with dry, thoroughly and completely clean lashes and makeup-free eyes
    • Remove contact lenses
    • We will be using lash shampoo to prep your eyes

    After Care

    Lash Extensions:


    Post Appointment, your provided with step by step aftercare and cleansing information.

    • Be very gentle with your lashes and eyes, avoid pulling or rubbing
    • If you choose to wear heavy makeup and apply mascara to the lashes understand that this will affect the cleanliness and retention of the lashes
    • Scheduling fill appointments every two to three weeks to maintain your new eyelash extensions is recommended
    Keratin Lash Infusion:
    • 24 hours following your Keratin Lash Infusion:
      - Keep lashes moisture free 
      - Wash face with a wash cloth 
      - Avoid steam, saunas, product near the eyes and massages
    • After 24 hours wash your eyes gently
    • Mascara and makeup can be worn after 24 hours


    Lash Extension Fills

    Lash Fill's are recommended to maintain your eyelash extensions every 2 to 3 weeks. There is one booking option for a fill, 1.5-3 Week Fill. Appointments booked 4 weeks or longer since your initial Full Set or 1.5-3 Week Fill is considered a Full Set. Please make sure you inform us that we need to adjust your appointment.


    Lash Fills From Another Artist

    Please arrive 10 minutes early for

    new client paperwork and consultation.

    We can't wait to meet you!


    1.5-3 Week Lash Fills:

    Lash extensions and application techniques differ from artist to artist. If you are booking a Lash Fill with a set by another lash specialist, to be considered a Lash Fill 30% or more of lash extensions must be remaining and lashes be considered in 'workable' condition by

    Beauty & Spirit Studios.


    In cases where 30% of your lashes aren’t remaining, and/or your lashes aren’t in ‘workable’ condition, a Lash Removal may be required. Waiting at least 24 hours for this application between a Lash Removal and lashes being reapplied is highly suggested.


    A Full Set can then be applied to restore your lashes to beauty and health. If you are not sure about the condition of your current lashes and have questions

    Email: info@beautyandspiritstudios.com

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